Jeep Wrangler Headlights

Just bought a new Jeep Wrangler? Congratulations! Driving a Jeep Wrangler is truly all fun and exciting. You get to take offroad adventures and actually enjoy the driving experience. But when you are stuck in a dark area late in the evening, you will realize your Jeep Wrangler JK has poor offroad lighting. The stock halogen are yellow dim old-looking lights that won’t do a good job at night or during offroad driving.

But the good news is, you can replace your Jeep’s stock lights – the headlights, tail lights, fog lights, and even turn signal lights. Upgrading your Jeep Wrangler’s stock lights is easy, and should be the first fix you carry out on your vehicle. It boosts the entire offroad driving experience and adds an extra touch of elegance to the vehicle.

Jeep Wrangler Offroad Lighting Upgrade Options

To upgrade your Jeep Wrangler offroad lighting, there are a couple of options available. The most popular of these are the Halogen, LED, and HID Wrangler Lights. These increase the overall offroad driving experience, but each has its unique properties and advantages.

Halogen Wrangler Lights

Jeep Wrangler Headlights

The Halogen Wrangler Lights have been around for a long while. Their mode of operation is based on a simple technology. The filament in the bulb gets hot from electricity flowing through it and glows. Here are some features of the Halogen Jeep Wrangler Lights:

  • They are widely used and not expensive.
  • They are easy to replace and come in various sizes.
  • They generate heat and are not very efficient.
  • They take a while to reach full brightness when turned on.
  • They have a short lifespan (about 1,000 hours).
  • They are not efficient.

HID Wrangler Lights

High-Intensity Discharge Lights, also known as Xenon lights, are the brightest of the three. But when improperly set up, the glare can cause discomfort for other drivers. They utilize high current, low voltage electricity flowing through a mixture of gases to produce light. Here are some features of the HID Wrangler Lights:

  • They are brighter than Halogen Lights.
  • They have a more extended range than Halogen and LED lights
  • They have a longer lifespan (2,000 hours) than Halogen Wrangler Lights.
  • They create an uncomfortable glare when improperly set up
  • They are expensive.

LED Wrangler Lights


LED Jeep Wrangler lights, just as the name suggests, make use of Light Emitting Diodes (LED). They are more efficient than the HID and the Halogen Jeep Wrangler lights. They also have the longest life span of the three. Here are some exciting features of the LED Wrangler Lights:

  • The lifespan is usually longer than 10,000 hours.
  • They consume the least amount of energy.
  • They hit full brightness when turned on.
  • They have a limited range but are incredibly efficient.
  • They are very affordable.

Why You Should Go for the LED Wrangler Lights

From the features listed above, it is safe to say that the LED Wrangler Lights are a better option for your Jeep Wrangler JK or JKU. Let’s look at the top reasons to make the switch once you become the proud owner of a Wrangler:

#1. Factory Stock Lights are Weak

The Jeep Wrangler has undergone a lot of improvements over the years. The TJ, JK and JKU models have better handling and interior comfort than the CJ models. But even the JL and the JLU still have the same poor offroad lighting issue. Without the upgrade, you will find it hard to get an excellent offroad driving experience at night.

#2. LED Lights Offer Better Visibility

All the Wrangler offroad lighting options offer better visibility than the factory stock lights. But even with the range, the LED stands out because of its extra features. The LED fog lights, for instance, are more efficient and reliable than the other options and the stock fog lights.

#3. LED Lights Foster Better Offroad Driving Experience

If you love taking your Jeep out for an offroad ride at night, then you definitely need to get LED Headlights. MJ’s Offroad LED headlights have various types to match your driving taste. There are multi-lamp headlights to further boost the brightness and white Halo headlights, among others.

#4. LED Lights Consume Less Energy

LED lights use at least 95% of the energy they draw, which makes them the most efficient lighting option. This efficiency enables them to draw less energy than the HID wrangler and the Halogen wrangler lights. The less energy means they save more fuel for you than the factory stock lights and the other lighting options.

#5. LED Lights Last Longer

LED lights generally have a half-life of over 50,000 hours. This is due to their excellent efficiency. The filament in Halogen and HID wrangler lights are less efficient and produce more heat. This heat slowly eats away at the filament until it can no longer sustain light.

LED lights produce a minimal amount of heat, allowing it to last longer. MJ’s LED Wrangler Lights are made to be more efficient than the average LED SUV light, giving them a life-span of 50,000 hours.

#6. LED Lights Increase the Overall Beauty of the Wrangler

If you love customizing your cars to taste, then your Wrangler lights are the first place to start. Thanks to innovation and creativity, LED lights can be arranged and programmed to produce amazing designs. There are numerous LED wrangler light design types to meet your taste and make your Wrangler elegant.

If you love colors, you will definitely love the Bluetooth-controlled Rough IV multi-color LED headlights for your JK and JKU. You can also increase the color play with the amber-colored Extreme II turn signal lights.

Before Replacing Your Wrangler Stock Lights…

Headlights are the easiest Jeep Wrangler lights to replace. Some are plug-and-play and generally requires you to remove just the front grill and the retainer ring, before making the switch.

Jeep fog lights are harder to replace than the headlights. Depending on the model of the wrangler, you may have to remove the bumper and also wire adapters.

If you want additional lighting beyond the headlights, fog lights, and turn signals, you may need additional wiring. The process may get complicated as the additional wiring needs to be properly fused and with switches to control the light.


Whatever you do, remember that the end game is to have a more functional and elegant vehicle. You certainly do not want to damage your car in the process. Go for quality LED lights that are easy to install, and require less tampering of the factory wiring.

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